Archives for May 2016

Boutique Quilt Shop

Finally my fabric is arriving!  I returned home from France to find four large boxes of fabric waiting for me to unpack. How exciting. So now my boutique quilt shop is almost ready to open it’s doors! So, what is a boutique quilt shop? It is smaller than a regular quilt shop but bigger than a personal stash.  I found there was a huge gap in quilt fabric availability in my area so decided to rearrange my long arm studio to accommodate some extra shelving. I ordered fabric way back in November last year and just now it is starting to flow in. I still have a few things to do before I am ready for walk in customers so watch this space!

Home from France

A few days ago I returned home from a wonderful holiday in beautiful France. Four weeks of trying to speak french was fun and I managed to learn a few more phrases! I will post a some photos of my journey once I upload them but just wanted to share these beautiful photos of my two furbabies. They missed me terribly. It was so nice to come home to them! Love you Toby and BJ!