Quilt Preparation

Please take the time to follow these Quilt Preparation Guidelines for The Quilting Room; your quilt is worth the extra effort…

Booking in your quilt

I work by appointment and schedule my quilts ahead. Pre-booking a quilt appointment with The Quilting Room will ensure your quilt is completed in time, especially if it is intended for birthdays, anniversaries etc. You may consider booking your quilt in before it is finished to ensure it is ready in time. Custom quilting does have a much longer lead time than Edge to Edge quilting so please take this into consideration.

Contact Helen to book in your quilt or complete the online booking form.

How to prepare your quilt top

  • Your quilt top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, charms, sequins etc. (These can be stitched on after it is quilted)
  • Trim all loose threads on your quilt. They can show through light fabric.
  • Stay stitch within ¼” around the edge of your top. This prevents seams from opening during machine quilting.
  • Square your quilt top using your quilter’s ruler.
  • Press your quilt top, paying particular attention to the seams*.  Seams should be pressed open or to one side.
  • Identify the head or top of your quilt top with a piece of paper pinned to the fabric.
  • Do not baste your quilt with pins or any other method.

I do charge for preparing your quilt however this will be waived if the above preparation has been done by you.

Please note: Quilt tops that do not lay flat may have tucks, pleats or fullness in your finished quilt. (Please see: My Quilt Won’t Lay Flat)

How to prepare your backing

  • Backing fabrics should be cotton fabric of a similar weight and feel to the fabrics used in the quilt top. Please do not use sheets as backing, as they can cause uneven stitches.
  • Backing must be 4 inches larger than your quilt top on ALL four sides.
  • Trim selvage edges from seams if backing is pieced and press seams open.
  • Square up your backing so that all edges are straight and the corners are at right angles (check with your quilters ruler)
  • If your backing has a directional pattern, identify the head or top with a piece of paper pinned to the fabric.

Please note:  Additional charges apply for centering pieced backings


• Batting must be 4 inches larger than your quilt top on ALL four sides.
• Batting should not be larger than your backing fabric.

Quilts will be trimmed to 1″ of outer border if requested. All trimmings are returned with quilt.

You can provide your own batting or purchase batting from me.  I stock Mini Jumbuck NuWool, Quilter’s Dream Request and Matilda’s Own Premium Batting: Woolpoly in charcoal