Pricing Guide

Machine quilting is priced depending on the type of quilting you would like. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Quilting Methods

  • Edge to Edge (E2E):quilting is sewn in rows across the quilt from edge to edge until the quilt is fully quilted. The cost for this style of quilting is $4.50 per square foot.
  • Custom: This is where one or more different styles of quilting are used to complete the quilt. These include: stitch in the ditch, background fills, crosshatching, feathers, borders, motifs, echoing. This style of quilting is charged at an hourly rate of $30 per hour. Clients can choose from budget to show quality depending on complexity and density of patterns.

There is a minimum charge per quilt of $50 (Edge to Edge) or $100 (Custom).


I use high quality thread designed for use with Long Arm quilting. These include Glide, Aurifil, Rasant and Superior threads including King Tut, Masterpiece, Rainbow and Bottomline. Thread is charged by the bobbin. The price varies depending on the type of thread chosen.


I offer a binding service where the binding is attached to the quilt top ready for you to hand sew to the back of the quilt. Please supply the length of binding folded and pressed if you would like to have this service. Cost is $1.75 per linear metre.


If posting your quilt, I recommend using Registered mail via Australia Post. Return postage, packing and insurance is at your cost. Please contact me before you post your quilt.

Additional charges

Additional charges will apply for:

  • Quilt turning fee $20.00 (This fee includes the unloading, turning and reloading of your quilt to enable me to quilt the borders.)
  • Centering pieced backings $20.00
  • Quilt preparation fee $25 per hour.  (This fee is waived if the quilt is prepared in accordance with the Quilt Preparation Guide.)

How to calculate the quilting cost

Use this formula to calculate the cost of your quilting:

  1. Multiply quilt width by quilt length: 55” X 75” = 4125 square inches
  2. Divide square inches by 144: 4125 /144 = 28 square feet
  3. Multiply square feet by price: 28 X $4.50 = $126

These are approximate costs. I will determine the actual cost at a quilting design appointment.

NB: there is a minimum charge per quilt of $50 (Edge to Edge) or $100 (Custom).
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